Monday, July 29, 2013

# 2 of Ten Things You Should NEVER Say to a Photographer...

Well, we're back with another installment of Ten Things You Should NEVER Say to a Photographer.

"Hey, what's your best price on a 20x24...I know you can't be serious asking $400!"

If you do Photography for Income for any period of time, you will hear this regularly. My normal reply to this was, "I'm sorry, you're in the wrong place...the garage sale is the next street over!" Then I would look at the person and smile broadly. Most would get a little chagrined, then laugh it off.

On a very RARE occasion, you would get the dipstick that would say, "Come on, really, what can I buy this for? I mean, nobody pays that price, it's outrageous--it's not worth that!"

My reply was respectful: "Sir, the price is not only fair, it is very reasonable. It must be, because I have people who enter my studio every single day and pay that price willingly. They pay that because it is a photograph of their family, which to them, at least, is priceless. So I am going to respectfully disagree. I feel your family is worth every nickle of that and more. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way, too [PAUSE]...right?"

Then I didn't say a thing. If the guy was there with his wife, she normally turned to him and said, "Yes, DO think our family is worth that, DON'T YOU?" This was usually accompanied by a look that could freeze Hell in an instant. The guy would normally mumble something and say, "Why yes, of course I do." Then a check was written.

Please take note, especially you new comers to Photography for Income: I never argue with the customer. Nothing is to be gained by arguing. "A mind changed against its will is a mind that remains unchanged still" I think the quote goes. Simply state your case and be quiet.

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That's it for this time on Photography for Income. Check back soon!

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